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In which I prove my insanity

I've spent a good deal of this summer buried in my journals--anything I write has been better to imagine than the grand mess going on these days! I've filled up pages with bits of this and that, flashbacks, flash-forwards, and supernatural stuff too...I just have so many ideas! I probably won't have anything complete soon because I keep changing my mind, but here, have a bit of insanity~

"He’s certain that you are the right person we need. Are you going to make a liar out of him?” When Hana didn’t respond, Dade sighed and pushed himself from the couch-- if she was going to leave there wasn’t much else he could do aside from dragging her back to the studio, and he would never force her. Hana gazed at her boots quietly as he prepared to leave, her mouth clenched tightly against the lump of emotion that his retreating back brought on. ‘That was terrible little Hana…he’s worked so hard with us and this is how you repay his dedication?’ Marina hissed as she sat down beside her, crossing her legs haughtily as she spoke.

Hana glared at the woman sitting next to her, for once not caring how utterly crazy she looked sitting here in the lobby whispering to herself. “Look, you got me into the fucking mess in the first place, so don’t sit there and judge my actions Marina.” Marina smirked and leaned in so close her breath fanned across her cheek. ‘Oh, those are big words you’re using there princess…and are you trying to blame this on me now? Sure, I slept with Sil and it was fucking fantastic by the way--it’s a shame that you never remember anything, though the burn was hard to forget, even if you don’t,' she laughed when Hana’s glare intensified. ‘My relationship with him has nothing to do with this Hana, you can’t distract me this time brat but nice try! You better march your scrawny little ass back into that studio and keep your word,' Marina ran a hand up her neck sensually, wrapping ringed fingers firmly around her throat.

“ I never promised anything Marina, I said I would give it a try and that’s what I did…this has nothing to do with you” Hana shot back, miffed that she was being scolded like a child by someone who could barely keep her hands to herself. Marina scowled, and pressed a spiked boot into Hana’s chest, pinning her into the couch, unfazed by her snarling. ‘Are you really mincing words with me? What you did in hardly qualifies as trying…all I saw was a weak, lying little brat get someone’s hopes up and then chicken out when no one liked you. Big deal. They have deadlines to meet…so if you say you’re going to help, DO IT. No one has time to play around with your wishy-washy emotions and hurt feelings. Get the hell over it. She ground her heel into Hana’s chest to emphasize her point, waving her away with a disgusted look.

Meet Hana. Yes she's having a violent conversation....with herself. 
Love you guys, bye bye!
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