sike_o_path (sike_o_path) wrote,

Hmm. Haven't used this in quite some time

I've been busy doing lots of reading, dipping in and out of depression, beating myself up about an awkward relationship I've seemed to have gotten myself into....and actually getting back to my writing. In the midst of all this confusion I moved a couple of weeks ago, and i'm trying to get settled in here.

I hate it. I hate living here so, so much. But I don't have any other choice right now so i'm making the best of it until I get get myself together again. Life is rough, and finding reasons to smile seem to get harder and harder...but I refuse to fall back into crazy I worked myself into.

I've also been writing a lot, because I have quite a bit of free time these days. I talked to musicalmimicry about it, and she talked me into posting it to my journal once I finish it...scared to death, but I think it will be good for me. :3
I love writing and I hadn't been doing it in a while, so i'm looking forward to what might become of this.

I also did some cosmetic work on the page--now instead of ToraPon, it's all of Alice Nine; man I love this band so much, and this is one of my favorite photoshoots.

It feels strange updating my blog after being away for so long...hopefully that will change soon! XD
Tags: alice nine, amused, hopeful, random, stories

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