sike_o_path (sike_o_path) wrote,

Dying silently

When my mom went into the hospital this time, I told her that I would stay with her because her room is private and the couch pulls out into a bed. She's always in some form of pain because of the amputation, and sit up with her and hold her hand when she's in pain.

But I woke up 45 minutes ago because she was crying--sobbing actually because her foot hurt so hurts even more because she apologized for gods' sake... actually APOLOGIZED for waking me up with her crying. Honestly, I would have felt worse if I hadn't woke up, and I got up and held her while she cried into my shoulder...feeling like the most useless thing n the world.

Now it's my turn to cry, silently here in my corner while the morphine makes its way through her system...and get myself together for the next time she needs me.
Tags: life, mother, sad

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