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Some uninteresting life stuff

I've been spending all my free time here at the hospital with my mom through this whole surgery process. At least now she is more alert, and moving around even though a bit troubled. Rehab for her leg started on Saturday and today my aunt and I made it here in enough time to sit with her during her session. The therapist says she's doing really well...I'm glad she is really giving it her best effort even though it hurts. We cracked jokes and did the exercises with her while we were there, and of course she worried over my clothes and hair like she always does...some things never change xD

Thanks for the concern's nice to know other people care. I worry about being a burden to my friends all the time so thank you thank you again <33333

Tomorrow they will most likely be taking her back into surgery for the amputation now...I just want them to take the freaking thing before it causes anymore problems. Cross your fingers everybody.
Tags: hopeful, ill, life, mother

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